Office of the Warden, California State Prison, Corcoran

It can be hard sometimes to work out why any of them would admit to additional crimes. Usually they are looking for some kind of leverage, some extra privileges or reduced time. Though reduced time would only apply if the crime was someone else’s, and if the information proved useful, which it often doesn’t. And anyway, people as a general rule don’t do something for nothing, prisoner or civilian.

But Hanssen was here for life, many lifetimes in fact, assuming he could somehow figure out the secret to living longer, buck biology and physiology and the aging process and make it 350. He would die in prison for his crimes regardless.

His crimes were numerous and explicit, a long list of things he had done and been convicted of and an even longer list of things he was suspected of and implicated in.

It was possible of course that he was boasting. Or even lying. And even if neither was true, and the information could be relied upon for any kind of accuracy, was there really anything to be done about it? Was there any kind of justice in naming it, letting it enter into the public consciousness? Who would it serve, the victim or Hanssen? There was no doubt in the warden’s mind that the only person Hanssen ever served was himself.

Full of doubt, but nonetheless feeling the appeal of discovery, he reached for the phone. It wouldn’t hurt to look into it, after all. Quietly and carefully.

The warden couldn’t get the name of the victim out of his mind.

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